Bylaws and Rules

12th Congressional District

Democratic Organization

Constitution & Bylaws


Revised: March 20, 2013

Approved: April 4, 2013





Section 1 - Name:

This Organization shall be known as the Twelfth Congressional District Democratic Organization.


Section 2 - Purpose:

The purpose of this Organization shall be to unite Precinct Delegates, Precinct Workers, and all other Democrats for political action, and to encourage and promote wide active participation in the Twelfth Congressional District.


Section 3 - Functions:

All the functions of the Democratic Party within the Twelfth Congressional District shall be under the direct control of this Organization and this Organization shall integrate all the activities of the Party of this District. It shall be in charge of all Party social events as well as all Party work within the said District and no other Organization shall in any way represent the Democratic Party within said District unless said oth er organization receives written permission from the Twelfth Congressional District Democratic Organization.





Section 1 - Qualification:

All duly elected and accredited Democratic Precinct Delegates of this District and any other Democrats (of voting age) making application and paying the regular dues of the Organization and of the Michigan Democratic Party shall be Members of the Organization.


Membership in the Organization is open to any qualified and registered elector who has completed and filed a current Organization membership form, provided that a financial contribution shall not be required to be and remain a member. Voting is reserved to those members who reside in the 12 th Congressional District.


In order to vote at any Organization membership or committee meeting a person must be a member of the Organization and the Michigan Democratic Party for at least thirty (30) days prior to that meeting.


Precinct delegates, local Democratic club chairs/presidents, candidates and elected officials are exempt from thirty (30) day advance membership requirement. However, precinct delegates, candidates and elected officials must be a member of the organization in order to vote at any membership meeting.


Section 2 - Election and Officer s:

The duly elected and accredited Precinct Delegates and Michigan Democratic Party Members of the District shall have the exclusive right to elect the Officers and Members of the Organization.


Section 3 - Rights:

All rights not reserved or given to the Precinct Delegates, Officers, and Board Members by law and by this Constitution and By - Laws, shall be vested in the regular membership.


Section 4 - Exectutive Board:

The Officers and Board Members of this Organization comprise and shall be known herein as t he Executive Board.


Article III


Membership Meetings


Section 1 - Calling of Meetings:

Membership meetings shall be called at such times the Executive Board shall so direct, but at least once per quarter except the calling of meetings during June, July, and August, which shall be discretionary at the option of the Executive Board.


Section 2 - Notification:

The Members shall be notified of the time and place of the meetings prior to the meeting.


Article IV


Officers and Board Members


Section 1 - Election:

The go verning body of this Organization shall be those officers and Executive Board members who are elected at the Regular Democratic District Convention by the duly elected and accredited Precinct Delegates and Members of the Michigan Democratic Party with the addition of the retiring District Chairman who shall serve as an ex - officio member of the Executive Board. It shall have the authority to act on behalf of the District between conventions and said authority to act on behalf of the District between conventi ons and said authority shall include, but not be limited to the power to pass upon endorsements, the expenditure of funds and the chartering and suspension of the Democratic Clubs within the District.


Section 2 - Meetings:

Regular meetings of the Officers and Board Members shall be held at such times and places to be selected by the chairman of the District, or in his or her absence, by the Statutory Vice - Chair, and at any other times by agreement of any three (3) Officers.


Section 3 - Quorum:


A quorum for a meeting of the Executive Board shall consist of four officers and/or Board Members.


Section 4 - Powers and Duties:

The Officers shall exercise the powers and discharge the duties customary to their offices as provided by the State Election laws, and shall have such other additional authority as my be conferred upon them from time to time by said Board or the Membership meetings.


Section 5 - Secretary:

The Secretary of this Organization shall keep an accurate record and minutes of the proceedings of the meetings of the Executive Board and the Membership. He or She shall keep and preserve the books, documents, correspond ence, records, minutes, effects or other property of this Organization, and when a new Secretary is elected or appointed then the past Secretary shall forthwith deliver to the newly elected or appointed Secretary the aforesaid items kept and preserved duri ng the tenure of the Office. He or she shall reasonably notify, and secure proper notification is given to the Membership of its meetings of the Executive Board of its meetings.


Section 6 - Treasurer:

The Treasurer shall be responsible for all the financia l reports (including those reports demanded by the Secretary of State) and disbursements of the Organization subject to the approval of the Executive Board. The funds of the Organization shall be deposited in a bank account and shall be withdrawn only by c hecks signed by one of the following officers: Chairperson, Statutory Vice - Chair, Secretary, or Treasurer.


Section 7 - Statutory Vice - Chairperson:

The Vice - Chairperson shall assist the Chairperson in the discharge of his or her duties. In case of the absenc e or incapacity of the Chairperson, his or her duties shall be performed by the Statutory Vice - Chairperson, or if she or he is unable to act, then the Secondary Vice - Chair, and then the Third Vice - Chairperson, and so on.


Section 8 - Chairperson:

The Chairp erson of this Organization shall preside at all Membership and Board meetings, and transact such other duties as are usual to the Office of the Congressional District Chairman, or that may be required by this Chairperson.


Section 9 - Unexpired Terms:

Upon t he death or resignation of any Officer (other than the Chairperson), then the Chairperson can appoint a person to serve in the interim until the next general membership meeting. At the next general membership meeting the appointment shall be voted on by t he full membership. In the event of the death of the Chairperson, the Statutory Vice - Chairperson shall assume the office and duties for the duration of the unexpired term.


Article V


Divisions and Divisional Chairpersons


Section 1 - Geographic Divisions:

The Twelfth Congressional District shall be divided into geographic divisions for the further carrying out of the purposes of this Constitution and By - Laws. These divisions have been established by the Board at a duly constituted meeting of that Board.


Se ction 2 - Divisional Chairperson:

The Divisional Chairperson shall be elected by the duly elected and accredited Precinct Delegates from within their geographic region within the 12th Congressional District within thirty (30) days of the Fall County Conventions, and the Divisional Chairperson so elected shall forthwith be certified in writing by each Division to the District Chairperson. In the event that no Divisional Chairperson is elected and certified, then the District Chairperson shall appoint s omeone to fill the vacancy. In the event that the Divisional Chairperson fails to function in the opinion of the District Chairperson, the District Chairperson may appoint someone to take his place. All appointments are subject to ratification by the Offic ers and the Executive Board.


Section 3 - Responsibilities:

The Divisional Chairperson shall be responsible for all the Organization and the operating functions within their Divisions and shall be subject to the supervision of the Board in matters of policy .


Section 4 - Board Meetings:

The Divisional Chairpersons and the State Central Committee members and elected Democratic Officials shall have the right to attend Board meetings. They shall have the right of voice only, not of vote.


Article VI




Section 1 - Appointment:

The Congressional Chairperson of this Congressional District, subject to the approval of the majority of the Executive Board present at any meeting of said Board, shall appoint committees as the Board may be necessary for the work of the Organization.


Section 2 - Permanent Committees:

Permanent committees shall include the following: Development Committee, Communications Committee, Organizing Committee, and Constitution, Bylaws and Resolutions Committee.


These Committees shall include the appropriate subcommittees. The District Chairperson shall be an ex - officio member of all standing committees .


Section 3 - Activities:

The Officers and Board shall designate and limit the various activities of the Committees and shall appoint any other Committees as may be deemed necessary.


Section 4 - District Chairperson:

The District Chairperson shall be pro vided regular reports to present to the Officers and the Board and shall know of any future known openings and past appointments.


Article VII


Amendment and Adoption


Section 1 - Constitution and Bylaws:

This Constitution and Bylaws shall be the governing law of this Organization.


Section 2 - Resolutions:

a. Presentment

The Members of the Resolution Committee shall read all property submitted resolutions to the Delegates attending the District Convention with the Committee s recommendation, if any.


b. Delegates

The Delegates to the District Convention shall accept, reject, or dispose, of the resolution in any manner and in such a way as is provided in the rules and the laws governing the running of a District Convention.


Section 1 - Resolutions Sub - committee:

All resolutions except those described above in Section 2 shall be submitted to a member of the Resolution Committee or to the Chairperson of the Twelfth Congressional District Democratic Organization at least four days before the Executive Board meeting at w hich they will be considered.


a. Recommendation:

The members of the Resolution Committee shall read the resolution to the Executive Board at the next Board meeting which occurs four days or more after presentation for the resolution as aforesaid with their r ecommendation if any.


b. Executive Board:

The resolution shall be accepted, rejected or disposed of in any other proper manner by a majority of those members of the Executive Board who are present at the Board meeting.


c. General Membership:

If the resolution is passed by the Executive Board, it shall be read by the members of the Resolution Committee to the general membership for the district at the next regular district meeting where the action of the Executive Board shall be ratified or rejected.


Section 2 - District Convention:

Resolutions to be presented to a District Convention shall be given to one of the members of the Constitution, Bylaws and Resolutions Committee or to the District Chairperson at least ten (10) days before the Convention at which they shall be considered.


12th Congressional District

Democratic Organization

Endorsement Process


Approved: July, 2016


  1. As a general rule the District will not endorse in contested Democratic primary races. Any exception will be only for good reason and would take a vote of both the committee and the membership.
  2. Notice of the endorsement process and these rules and notice of meetings of the endorsement committee will be posted in a timely manner on the Congressional District website, and publicly announced at regular meetings and included as discussion items in the month's published agendas.
  3. Candidates will be given an in person screening in races where ENDORSEMENTS are considered, if they request. A candidate must request the endorsement in writing to eventually receive one. An exception, made only by a separate motion and vote, of the committee and membership, can be a blanket endorsement of incumbents who do not have a primary challenge.
  4. The endorsement committee will include District committee officers, chairs of the 12th's area clubs and will include volunteers from the district that are representative of our candidates, our activists and our diversity, and represents both Wayne and Washtenaw Counties.
  5. The chair will establish this ad hoc committee each election cycle, prior to the candidate filing deadlines and shall appoint the two co-chairs of the committee.
  6. Reports of the committee shall be given to the membership meeting during any months the committee is active.
  7. All ENDORSEMENTS and recommendations will be ratified by the general membership.

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