12th District Endorsements

The 12th Congressional District is pleased to endorse the following candidates in their respective elections on Tuesday, November 6, 2018


US House of Representatives
Congresswoman Debbie Dingell
Michigan State Senate
SD- 3 Sylvia Santana
SD- 4 Marshall Bullock
SD- 6  Erika Geiss
SD- 18 Jeff Irwin

Michigan State House
HD- 12 Alex Garza
HD- 13  Frank Liberati 
HD- 14  Cara Clemente
HD- 15  Abdullah Hammoud
HD- 17 Michelle Lavoy
HD- 21  Kristy Pagan
HD- 23  Darrin Camilleri
HD- 52  Donna Lasinski
HD- 53  Yousef Rabhi
HD- 54  Ronnie Peterson
HD- 55 Rebekah Warren
Wayne County Executive
Warren Evans 
Ann Arbor City Council
Elizabeth Nelson, Ward 4
Brownstown Township Trustee
Steve Allen 
Huron Township Trustee
David Haener
3rd Circuit Court Judge
Tracey Green
Delicia Coleman Morson
27th District Court Judge
Elizabeth DiSanto
Ann Arbor Board of Education
Jessica Kelly
Christine Stead
Susan Baskett
Dearborn Board of Education
Aman Fidama
Roxanne McDonald
Adel Mozip
Woodhaven-Brownstown Board of Education
Khalid Khan
We wish these candidates all the best and feel that they will uphold our progressive ideals in their respective communities. 
If you would like to help our endorsed candidates on the campaign trail during the home stretch, please send us an email at 12thdems@gmail.com.

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